SKETCH 2 - A5 PENCIL“The world of cavers remain a great source of inspiration for me.

I started caving in the early 1990s and I was immediately captivated by the mood of the caver whilst preparing to enter the underground environment – their methodical, ritualistic preparation for their underground ordeal. The caver shows so many different postures, contorted shapes, gestures and movements, on the surface, as well as underground.

The caver’s psychology fascinates me – for me, the period of preparation is every bit as interesting and challenging as the activity itself.

Caving has both thrilled and terrified me yet the activity has a compelling fascination. I struggle to overcome claustrophobia, and I work very quickly as I try to record the figure’s movements.

My recent works include landscape studies which try to capture the shapes, majesty and awesome nature of the limestone scenery and dramatic caving environment”.