Sunset Hole - Black PencilI have always been captivated by groups of figures involved in some type of unusual joint endeavour.

My work depicts gestures and movements and tries to capture the figure whilst engaged in their activities.

Toulouse – Lautrec’s finest works were devoted to the female sex – he painted and drew them with all the energy of line, catching them in their environment, so full of movement and life’s rich experiences. He was an acute observer of life, and had the knack of using a brush like a pencil, so that he could work more quickly. These images have left a lasting impression on me, and I am deeply influenced by his style of working.

Diver 3 - A4 Mixed Media

My sketchbooks are used mainly for collecting and analyzing information and I prefer to allow the original recording remain as the final outcome. I often have to work

quickly to portray the moments my eye has seen. For me, these “moments” in the drawing are the most important experience of the work process. Later in the studio, some drawings can be transformed into monoprints, or sculpture, using clay or plaster.

I strive to make sure the all-important original “moments” are kept fresh and alive as the firsttime they were recorded…’